Project Assistant FAQ


Google and Facebook don't make it very easy to use them as identity providers for authentication from the command line. Therefore, we ask you to download a JSON web token from this link, and save it as

  • ~/.udacity-pa/jwt for Mac OSX and Linux or
  • %APPDATA%\udacity-pa\jwt for Windows, where %APPDATA% is an environment variable that will have a value like C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming.

Note that you may have to create the .udacity-pa directory.

The submission script will read the token from your filesystem so that you do not need to authenticate from the command line.

The project starter code is distributed with a hidden folder named .udacity-pa. The command udacity submit must be run from within a directory containing this folder.
Each project has a customized limit on how long the tests can run. Timeout are usually generous, so if you exceed the timeout, it may well mean that your code is in an infinite loop. If this doesn’t seem likely, and your code runs in less than the timeout period on your local machine, then please contact your classroom mentor, who can request to have the timeout limit increased.
This means that your code crashed in some unexpected way. The most common cause is that the memory manager on the sandbox killed it because it exceeded the 500MB limit imposed by the system. Please check your memory usage on your own machine, and if it seems okay and problem persists, then alert your classroom mentor.

Unless otherwise specified in your project instructions, you are encouraged to submit your project as many times as you like. By default, the only quota on the system is one intended to prevent abuse.